[ 300g curry lab : 7th project ]
This HTML5 game is made with Godot, and can be played with touch controls on the web on computers and mobile devices (landscape mode recommended). 

You can close the game at any time and continue without losing your progress.

only one hacka

The Hackadolls are multiplying! But it seems one of them has been left out... Can you find the unique Hackadoll that stands out in the crowd?

In this hidden-object-type minigame, race against time in one of 4 modes to find the single Hackadoll among a moving, waving, switching, hiding, or simply massive crowd! 

In a hurry? Try the 2 Minutes mode and aim for a high score. Looking to relax? Take it easy with no-pressure play in Endless! If you're thinking this game looks familiar (and to fans of certain DS games, it might), try Classic mode, or the remixed Original mode!

A one-week solo game project that I made because I felt too rusty trying to make a big project, and I felt too rusty trying to make a small project, so I made a *really* small project.

It turns out even really small projects require a lot of time for UI and menus.

PROGRAM + PRODUCE: invelica from 300g curry rice
ART by cheshii.
SFX by A-zu-ra.
Free BGM by Manbou 2nd Class.

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