[ 300g curry lab : 6th project ]
This HTML5 game is made with Godot, and can be played either in-browser or as a desktop executable.
It is played with the keyboard, and should be played in a 1280x720 window or larger.


there is no end to the cave,

but in the cave, you will always find a new start.

now dig, child of man.

You awaken as a goblin in a mysterious cave, neither knowing your past nor your present circumstances.

Using your sword, your pickax, and as many upgrades as you can purchase along the way,  dive deep into the depths of the constantly-changing cave.
When you run out of time or health, reawaken on the first floor, and try again!

Explore and aim for a high score, using 8 different tools in 2 different modes that focus on speed and thoroughness.
Along the way, maybe you'll learn about the cave and your own backstory!

A two-month solo game project, inspired by a certain 120-floor cave system in a certain farming sim.
Thanks for playing!

Arrow Keys: Move
Z / X / A / S: Use corresponding equipped tool
C: Descend stairs
Shift: Open tool switcher
Escape / Enter: Pause

Arrow Keys: Navigate
Z: Select
X: Go back

Controls can be remapped in-game.

If controls become messed up, please delete goblin_keys.save or hold SHIFT+R+K for 5 seconds in-game.

* On web on Mac, game data will not save at all. Please consider the web version a demo, and download the Mac client for extended play.
* On Mac, control mappings will not save. Please set them each time you play.
* On web on Windows, control mappings will not save. Please set them each time you play, or use the Windows client.

PROGRAM + PRODUCE: invelica from 300g curry rice

Free assets from Manbou 2nd Class, bluecarrot16, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Hyptosis + Zabin, Joe Williamson, Mack Hackett (Lost Decade Game), MrBeast, and Stephen "Redshrike" Challener.


Windows - v1.0.1 [2021/11/11] 44 MB
Mac - v1.0.1 [2021/11/11] 48 MB

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